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Undefeated Alex Polizzi fighting his own fight heading into LFA 70

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Though the start of his pro career was delayed a bit, since turning pro in July of last year, light heavyweight prospect Alex Polizzi has been more than making up for lost time.

In the year since he turned pro, Polizzi has gone undefeated in his three fights, finishing all of them within the first two rounds.

“I was doing some amateur stuff, and before my pro debut and jumping in and I got to stiffer competition I had some hip surgery done,” Polizzi told MMAWeekly.com. “I took a little bit of time off recuperating from that and focusing on feeling better and feeling 100-percent fighting shape.

“Then there was the debut in Milwaukee (in July of 2018), and since then it’s just been training around the clock, keeping our nose to the grindstone and always looking for that next fight. Things have been going good. I can’t complain. I like fighting. It’s just icing on the cake that I get paid for it.”

For Polizzi, he feels like the steps he’s made towards becoming a better fighter has come from focusing on himself and not on who his opponents are when it comes to his training.

“In my career, whether it’s through victory or defeat, I’ve tried to make sure no matter what’s happening that I’m getting something out of it and it’s a learning experience,” said Polizzi. “I’m always trying to work on being a better fighter.

“I don’t watch a lot of film on my opponents. I like to stay focused on myself and what I bring to the table. Some of these pro fights I’ve been watching and building on our technique and working on finding holes in my armor and patching them up. The only thing I want to set my mind to is the next fight at hand.”

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On Friday in Madison, Wisc., Polizzi (3-0) looks to remain undefeated when he faces Pierre Walters (1-0) in a main card light heavyweight bout at LFA 70.

“I’m out there to fight my battle,” Polizzi said. “I think it sounds cliché, but if I can keep the fight where I want it and make sure that distance doesn’t get out of hand that we’re going to win this one.”

Much like it comes to the fights themselves, Polizzi is single-minded in his focus when it comes to his career. He keeps his mind set to one bout at a time and will take the opportunities as they come his way.

“I go fight by fight,” said Polizzi. “We can spend all day speculating and wondering about rankings and when’s the time to come up or when’s the time to lay low and match up fights, but I’ve always been a proponent on (focusing on one fight at a time).

“If a fight comes my way that sends me to a bigger venue or a larger stage, I’m all for it, but at the same time I don’t’ turn down a lot of fights. I’m just hoping to get in the cage and mix it up a little bit.”

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