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Urijah Faber taking great pleasure in seeing Dominick Cruz, T.J. Dillashaw team up against him

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When it comes to the UFC 199’s co-main event, the lead-up to fight night has been a rather curious one.

The rivalry between Urijah Faber and UFC champion Dominick Cruz stretches back to the early days of the WEC, and the animosity between the two is still evident anytime the bantamweights interact with one another. But of late, a third party has also ridden sidecar in the conversation — former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, the man who Cruz defeated for the title and a former protégé of Faber’s who left Team Alpha Male last year.

Cruz and Dillashaw share their own testy history, but this time around something strange has happened ahead of UFC 199. The myriad of insults and implications of PED use that have been lobbed between the three fighters has inadvertently forced Cruz and Dillashaw to stand on the same side of the fence against Faber, and Faber can’t help but enjoy seeing two rivals who share such obvious disdain for one another unite in a common cause against him.

“The best part about this whole rivalry is how it’s brought T.J. and Cruz together,” Faber said Tuesday on The MMA Hour. “You know what happens when somebody hints or says that I was doing some sort of PEDs? I would say, ‘absolutely not, I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve never even considered it. In fact, I’ve been a proponent against it. So why would he even say that?’ I’d say, no. What do these guys do? They become best friends. Cruz is making up charities he thinks Dillashaw might have worked at. I mean, we ought to take a poll. Is it Dillacruz or Cruzashaw? These guys are a team now. It’s comedy. I can’t wait to see who backstabs who first.”

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