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US Soccer: CEO Will Wilson addresses cutbacks due to coronavirus

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It wasn’t that long ago that U.S. Soccer was flush with approximately $150 million in reserve. But it sure seems like it’s been ages now.

New federation CEO Will Wilson wrote an open letter to U.S. Soccer’s members on Thursday, addressing the abrupt closing of the Development Academy, confirming reports of layoffs and furloughs within the organization and detailing the overall impact the coronavirus outbreak has had at Soccer House.

Wilson, who was appointed as CEO on March 23 to put an end to the long search to replace Dan Flynn, has stepped right into a crisis, one largely brought on by the pandemic. U.S. Soccer has its own well-documented internal and legal issues, but the financial squeeze the outbreak has had in all sectors around the world has hit the federation, as well.

“Like most businesses across the country, U.S. Soccer has not been immune to the unanticipated and harsh economic impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic,” Wilson wrote. “Upon officially joining the organization just over two weeks ago, it became quickly apparent that the status quo was not sustainable for the economic viability of the federation. After extensive discussion, we concluded that we needed to act quickly and decisively in order to not put the federation in financial peril in the coming years.”

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