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Venator FC’s Norwegian Stars Stake Their Claims for a UFC Call-Up

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Emil “Valhalla” Meek talked the talk and he walked the walk on Saturday night.

The 27-year-old Norwegian was the only man willing to fight Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares following the Brazilian’s defection from fighting in the USA due to a two-year suspension imposed on him by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Palhares was adjudged to have deliberately held on to a kimura submission for too long against Jake Shields despite the referee calling off the fight after Shields had tapped out. It was the latest allegation made against Toquinho for holding career-threatening submission holds for too long following accusations made by Tomasz Drwal and Mike Pierce. As a result of this last occasion against Shields, Palhares was also stripped of his World Series of Fighting welterweight championship.

Simply put, you’d forgive a fighter—a competitor who appreciates their limbs and joints in equal measure—for not wanting any part of a fight against Palhares.

Meek, though, is a different proposition altogether. Not only was Valhalla willing to take a risky fight against Palhares, he actually asked for the match-up while on the cusp of a UFC call-up.

Fightland interviewed Meek ahead of the biggest contest of his career and he was aghast at the thought of a fighter not willing to take on such a behemoth challenge as Palhares.

“He is absolutely beatable. 100%. I’m not afraid—I wanted this fight and there’s no way I’d take a fight unless I thought I would win. If I could ask for any fighter outside of the UFC, it will be Palhares as he is the biggest-known and highest-ranked welterweight out there—that’s the kind of fight I want.”

“I had some contact with Venator before for appearing on future cards. But, they were having trouble matching Palhares so I asked for the fight myself. They checked with him and here we are. ….View full article

Source:: fightland.vice.com