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Vertigo stricken UFC champion Robbie Lawler once took six years off from sparring

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“Ruthless” discusses his reasoning behind pulling back on sparring, which took place for a lengthy period following his departure from UFC 11 years ago.

Robbie Lawler went from a heralded youngster in mixed martial arts (MMA) to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) cast-off in a span of two years in 2004. But “Ruthless” managed to complete an awe-inspiring turnaround to his combat sports career by returning to the promotion over two years ago to capture the welterweight title.

Lawler, 33, entered the sport in his teens, competing in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions. He achieved success in both weight classes, capturing middleweight titles in the ICON and Elite XC promotions, all the while not pow-wowing with punches in training camp.

Lawler tells the story to Brendan Schaub on “The Fighter and the Kid” podcast:

You need that [sparring/early MMA experience] to a certain extent because you don’t want someone going through this path in the game and get into a fight and be like, ‘I don’t like to be hit’ or ‘I don’t enjoy this at all.’ If you come in right away, and are put to the fire right away, you can decide right away ….View original article

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