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Veteran Tatsuya Kawajiri turns down Doo Ho Choi post-fight callout at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul

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“The Korean Superboy” Doo Ho Choi was in super form earlier today (Sat., Nov. 28, 2015), dispatching his opponent Sam Sicilia in just a minute and 33 seconds into their featherweight match at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul, Korea.

After the fight, the big winner called out one of the legends of Japanese MMA in Tatsuya Kawajiri, currently ranked 13th in the UFC featherweight division.

“It’s been a while since I signed a contract with the UFC,” Choi said through a translator during a post-fight interview. “I’ve fought two times. I want to fight a little bit more. I want to fight Kawajiri and get into the top 10.”

But it would appear the 37-year-old Kawajiri has no interest in a fight with the 24-year-old power puncher, hinting at a lack of professionalism in the younger with a couple of comments made on Twitter immediately after the fight.

おい皆覚えてるか? ドゥホが体重オーバーして戦った石田vsドゥホ。 あれがファイター石田の最後の試合だったんだぞ。 相手が体重オーバーした試合が最後って。。。 そんなの死んでも死にきれないだろ。 正直一生関わりたくないわ。

— 川尻達也tatsuya kawajiri (@CRUSHER_MMA) November 28, 2015

やらねぇよ。 体重オーバーに怪我の常習者。 そんな奴とやりたくないわ。 こちとら戦って銭稼いでんじゃい。

— 川尻達也tatsuya kawajiri (@CRUSHER_MMA) November 28, 2015

Neither you nor I speak Japanese, but fortunately my son’s friend does. Here’s what Kawajiri said (more or less):

“Hey everyone do you remember? Ishida vs DH? DH ….View original article

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