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Vicente Luque Training Video Shows You Why Guys Are Getting Brain Damage In The Gym

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As we move further into the future of MMA and watch the sport grow into an absolute powerhouse, the issues of health and wellness for the athletes that make this sport so great is beginning to take center stage. CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy), is a rising concern in contact sports. A degenerative disease that is brought on due to brain trauma, you can certainly bet that mixed martial artists and other combat sport participants are potential victims that this degenerative ailment will effect.

All that being said, fighters are still going to fight, boxers box, football players…football, and really that’s their right. If they’re aware of the risk and still go through with it then it can’t be helped. It’s their right after all. But it makes the importance of training smart all the more paramount in a sport where contact is absolutely certain. Which brings us to Vicente Luque and the brilliant sparring session caught on film last week.

The video of Vicente features the UFC welterweight in a hard sparring session with a training partner at Cerrado MMA. The two fighters throw caution to the wind and decide to bring the heat during their sparring session. It’s not uncommon to go through hard sparring during a training camp, but there’s hard sparring and then there whatever it is these guys decided to do. Check it out below.

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A video posted by Vicente Luque (@luquevicente) onOct 21, 2016 at 1:43pm PDT

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