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Video: Conor McGregor’s peculiar card punching drill explained

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

If you are wondering what Conor McGregor’s card punching drill is all about, here is an explanation.

One of Conor McGregor’s trainers, Ido Portal, has been known for his non-traditional training practices. Most recently, a video of him throwing playing cards for “The Notorious” to punch in mid-air had surfaced.

Like how “touch butt in the park” did, this unorthodox drill has drawn criticism and even laughs from observers. But as an old adage goes, there is always a method in the madness, and this short clip provides a somewhat logical explanation of Portal’s process.

As the video explains, it all comes down to developing hand-eye coordination and the concept of “reconsolidation.” To put it more simply, it is a method of how one develops a skill faster through unconventional approaches, since the usual methods tend to be monotonous, and the practitioner becomes adept at it in a faster manner.

Some examples that were brought up were the “ball drills” employed by other high-level boxers such as Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, and even Floyd Mayweather’s “patty cake” style of doing pad work.

“I believe Ido Portal, despite what the skeptics think of him, is ahead of the curve, and will be part of the puzzle evolving the future of hand-to-hand combat,” the video’s narrator claims.

In his Instagram post of the video, Portal also provided his own explanation.

REACTION is comprised often of a sizeable PREDICTION.

Using the chaotic trajectory of a flying card to keep @thenotoriousmma sharp, adaptive and responsive to an unexpected situation, with focus on abandoning original prediction and installing a secondary one in a fraction of a second – an ability that often makes the difference between the BEST and just GOOD.

Ongoing work towards Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather – August 26th.Just adding my small ‘squeeze of lime’ onto all the hard grind that goes on daily as it is – sparring, mitts, heavy bag, cardio, etc.

Well, we will all find out if Portal’s “breakthrough” methods will at the very least render positive results once McGregor faces Mayweather on August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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