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Video: Crazy 20-second fight in Brazil includes double knockdown, then a TKO

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There was a lot of action packed in a 20-second fight at FLC 6 in Madureira, Brazil.

On a regional MMA card in Brazil, middleweights Jorge Filho and Cemey dos Santos threw down for a whopping 20 seconds, and it was certainly a crazy contest.

The two men both landed right hands on each other and were simultaneously sent to the canvas. Dos Santos got up in time to land another right hand on a still down Filho, and the referee swooped in for the TKO stoppage.

Watch the video below, courtesy of the inimitable Grabaka Hitman:

That’s the third notable instance of a fight featuring a double knockdown but an eventual winner by (T)KO this year. Matt Mitrione’s memorable win over Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator: NYC will go down as one of the crazier high-profile fights of the year.

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