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Video: Dominick Cruz makes TJ Dillashaw fold under questioning during UFC Boston ‘Counterpunch’

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I couldn’t help but watch this video with that old Sinatra tune ringing in my ear: “I’ve got you … under my skin.”

I don’t want to suggest that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw was unable to handle this recent line of questioning from UFC Fight Night 81 opponent and ex-division kingpin Dominick Cruz, but it’s never a good sign when someone tries to end an argument with an expletive.

Here’s a sample of the transcription (via Bloody Elbow):

Cruz: You don’t want to talk, because you don’t want to say what you are going to do, because you’re scared to eat your words. So say it. Tell me.

Dillashaw: I don’t need to…

Cruz: I’ll do it right now. I’m going to beat you, because I’m better than you.

Dillashaw: I told you, I’ll knock your ass out.

Cruz: How?

Dillashaw: Don’t worry about how I’ll knock you out. I’ll do it.

Cruz: That’s how you’re going to beat me? No one even hits me.

Dillashaw: You’re going to get hit.

Cruz: How are you going to hit me?

Dillashaw: You’ve got holes in your game, man.

Cruz: That’s all you’ve got to say? You’ve got no reasoning. You’ve got no back up. “You’ve got holes in your game, and I hit harder than you.” Those are both opinions, there’s no facts behind it. What’s the facts you have stating why you’re going to do what you’re going to do?

Dillashaw: I’m breaking records for significant strikes landed…

Cruz: Yeah, you’re a dangerous fighter against stationary targets. Your power doesn’t matter if you can’t hit something. I’m hit the least amount than anyone in the division.

Dillashaw: Alright, I’m done talking to you.

Cruz: You can’t be done talking to me. You’re right here facing me, dummy.

Dillashaw: [expletive]

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