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Video: Double knockdown occurs in Canadian heavyweight boxing match

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Dillon Carman and Mladen Miljas fell to the canvas simultaneously in a crazy sequence in their Canadian heavyweight title fight.

Last Friday, Canadian boxers Mladen Miljas and Dillon Carman clashed for the country’s heavyweight title. It was a fight that certainly didn’t lack excitement for the four minutes and twenty-one seconds the contest lasted, and fans were treated to a rare simultaneous knockdown.

Two minutes into the opening round, Miljas and Carman both threw left hooks, and down to the canvas they went. The referee went back-and-forth counting in front of the two fighters before they resumed action. In round two, Miljas (8-0, 8 KOs) wiped out the veteran Carman (12-3, 11 KOs) and forced the referee to intervene. The 25-year-old Miljas can now call himself Canada’s best heavyweight… not that it’s meant much in the world boxing scene in recent years, but it’s still an accomplishment nevertheless!

You can watch video of the double knockdown at the top of the page, while video of the finish can be seen below:

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