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Video: Fighter knocks out opponent with crazy head kick from his back

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Bet you’ve never seen this happen in an MMA fight before.

We have seen upkick knockouts occur in MMA, but a head kick from your back? Really? This actually happened at a Wawan MMA card in Kuwait, courtesy of Jordanian middleweight Hussam Qashou.

As of this writing, we still don’t actually know the name of Qashou’s opponent, but he’ll be forever known as the guy who got KO’d in one of the craziest ways imaginable. It was a perfectly placed shot that had him out cold just about immediately, and Qashou celebrated by jumping on top of the cage.

Check out the sensational stoppage in the video below, courtesy of GrabakaHitman:

Mike Goldberg loved to say “watch for the upkick!” in these types of situations, but now future opponents of Qashou have to watch for the head kick.

Between that KO and Demetrious Johnson’s outrageous suplex-to-armbar of Ray Borg at UFC 216, MMA fans have been treated to some “HE DID WHAT?!” finishes.

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