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Video: Fighters attacked, bottles and chairs thrown as mass brawl erupts at UK MMA show

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Cameras captured the moment people began attacking each other with chairs and beer bottles at an MMA event in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Echo reported that two people were taken to hospital in the aftermath of a chaotic brawl that broke out at the Great Georges Cultural Community Project, aka The Black-E, in Liverpool, England on March 4th.

Video footage secured by the Echo shows two MMA fighters in the ring. Seconds later an individual enters through the ropes and appears to strike one of the competitors. As a result, more people enter the ring and begin to fight. Numerous objects are then thrown towards the growing fracas.

According to the Echo the brawl might have started due to a dispute over the use of elbows during the preceding MMA fight.

A second video, also shot inside the venue, shows what happened outside of the ring. In this footage, spectators are seen throwing objects and then fighting and wrestling with one another. One man is shown on the ground receiving kicks and punches to the head before one assailant – dressed as a mixed martial arts fighter- throws a chair towards the man’s face.

The Echo reports that Merseyside Police are investigating the situation. A police spokesperson told that outlet that reports indicated that at least 20 people were involved in the melee, which they believe spilled out onto the street outside of the venue.

The spokesperson also revealed that two men in their 30s were taken to hospital with non life-threatening head and facial injuries as a result of the brawl. The Echo states that neither of these men is co-operating with police.

The owners of the Black-E expressed ‘deep regrets’ over the incident. “The Black-E is a community arts project with a commitment to deliver creative and cultural opportunities predominately to young people and communities,” said the venue owners to the Echo. “In order to sustain this work we hire our main space out to boxing promoters from time to time.” The venue owners stated that their are now ‘reviewing’ their policies with regards to future boxing/MMA events at the location.

Merseyside Police asks that anyone with information about the incident contacts them on 0800 555 1111 (where they will be given the option of anonymity).

This is the second time in less than two weeks that Liverpool and MMA have made the news for all the wrong reasons. On February 22nd it was reported that former UFC fighter Terry Etim – a Liverpool native – was seriously injured after leaping in front of traffic.

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