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VIDEO: Fighters brawl their way into a bizarre no-contest in Brazil

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A flyweight cash between Joao Elias and Gabriel Wolff ended in bizarre fashion at Saturday night’s Imortal FC 9 in Maranhao, Brazil.

The referee halted the action and was on his way to ask the doctor to step in, and check a cut in Elias’ face, when both fighters simply stood in the middle of the cage and continued to fight.

Wolff landed a couple of head kicks while the referee desperately tried to control the situation. The altercation between Elias and Wolff only stopped after several people jumped into the cage to separate them.

Imortal FC president Stefano Sartori and both of their teammates entered the cage to hold Elias and Wolff back for minutes. In the end, the fight was ruled a no-contest.

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