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VIDEO: Jon Jones Cited in ANOTHER Traffic Violation, Calls Officer a “F*cking Liar”

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(Jon Jones: Turning the entire world into Daniel Cormier fans, one police officer at a time.)

We may be relatively early into the new year, but at this point, it would be safe to declare that Jon Jones might have The “Really? You’re Just Gonna Keep Doing That Shit That Gets You in All That Trouble?” Award a.k.a. “The Koppenhaver” locked up for this year’s Potato Awards.

Seemingly not satisfied with the pair of DUI-related car accidents he’s already been involved in, the former light heavyweight champion was nabbed yet again for speeding and driving without a license, registration, or insurance at the beginning of the year. While most of us would have probably accepted our shortcomings as a driver and hung up our keys by this point, Jon Jones is not most of us. As such, “Bones” was cited YET AGAIN last week for a handful of vehicle-related offenses, then proceeded to verbally berate the officer who pulled him over.

Video after the jump.

In an effort to spin the story before it even go out, Jones appeared on THE MMA Hour yesterday to rebuff his most recent citations, which included drag racing, driving with a modified exhaust and an illegible license plate, not staying in his lane, and “exhibition driving.”

“I definitely wasn’t drag racing,” said Jones. “He needed something to justify pulling me over. He fabricated the whole thing that I was drag racing.”

Jones then went on to apologize for losing his cool when dealing with the officer who pulled him over, the entire conversation of which was captured on the officer’s body cam and released on TMZ last night.

You can check out a complete description of the conversation over at BloodyElbow, but the tl;dr version is that Jones repeated ….View full article

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