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Video: Jon Tuck wants commission to look at judges after he was ‘robbed’ of win in Melbourne

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“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that split decision went the wrong way. It shouldn’t have even been a split decision, to be honest. I felt I won each and every round. Maybe he was throwing flashy stuff, but none of them really landed. He didn’t wobble me once, I dropped him big in the first round, took him down, controlled him, took his back, and had some great ground-and-pound. Second round, it was back-and-forth. When he threw a kick, I landed kick or took his legs. Third round he kept running back-and-forth to the sides, he didn’t wan’t to get pressured. The new commission needs to check out the judges, but, what can I say more than that. Bloodied him real good and in any fight, street or professional that’s an indication the other guy did more damage. I know I got robbed of this decision, but I’m looking forward for another fight and coming back strong.”

When the scorecards were handed in after his bout with Damien Brown at UFC Fight Night 101 last night (Sat., Nov. 26, 2016) in Melbourne, Australia, many expected Jon Tuck to be announced the winner. But, it was Brown that was awarded the win. Needless to say, tuck was none-too-pleased, as he tells Submission Radio that the Melbourne Athletic Commission needs to take a hard look at the judges after he says he was easily “robbed” of a victory. Anyone agree with Tuck on this one?

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