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Video: Josh Barnett acts, body slams fighters in latest ‘Never Back Down’ movie

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I’ve been tolerating this Never Back Down franchise since 2007 (proof).

But like that rash I got from the Scagnetti sisters last fall, these spin-offs refuse to go away. The good news is, MMA fans will get treated to some familiar faces this time around, including Stephen Quadros, Michael Schiavello, and UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett.

The official synopsis:

Former MMA champion Case Walker (Michael Jai White) has kept a low profile, winning small-time regional matches after refusing to join the powerful new leagues that push performance- enhancing drugs on their fighters. Walker is convinced by old friend and renowned fighter Brody James (Josh Barnett) to join him in Thailand and train him for a big fight against the undefeated and deadly Caesar Braga (Nathan Jones). During training, Brody is injured. Under pressure from an unscrupulous, high-powered promoter (Esai Morales), Walker agrees to replace James and fight his toughest opponent yet, but only on his own terms.

Sounds like art is definitely imitating life. Sign me up!

Rated R, Never Back Down: “No Surrender” hits DVD and Digital on June 7.

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