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Video: Lingerie football fight ends in savage, one-punch knockout

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So there is such a thing as the Lingerie Football League, which was inexplicably rebranded as the (cough) “Legends” Football League just a few years back, despite the fact that its players remain scantily clad.

What does this have to do with mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Nothing, but I thought we could use a break from all those Mayweather vs. McGregor posts, and we do have a savage, one-punch knockout between two women wearing their undies, so let’s proceed.

One player scored a touchdown and another player was mad about it, so they started pushing and shoving until the sidelines got involved.

“She pushed me the one time and I feel I gave her a chance by pushing her back,” Amanda Hogan told TMZ about her one-punch knockout. “She pushed me back and it just … she hit the ground. I did get ejected from the game.”

Let’s hope the fallen footballer is okay … and doesn’t pull a Magana.

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