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Video: Luke Rockhold vs Chris Weidman ‘SportsCenter’ interview for UFC 199 gets really awkward

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Before Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman can run it back at UFC 199 on June 4, 2016, from The Forum in Los Angeles, Calif., the duo have to fulfill their media obligations to promote their championship rematch.

That’s just what they did earlier today (April 6) as Luke, the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion and Chris, the ex-division kingpin, appeared in a side-by-side interview on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

And things got uncomfortable and awkward in a hurry, as Rockhold brought up Weidman’s family as a hindrance to his abilities to regain the title.

“You’re not capable of getting it back,” said Luke. “I’ve dedicated my life to this sport and you’ve dedicated your life to a family. You can’t push as hard, you can’t do what I do.”

Of course, “All American” turned the tables on the champ, saying that family is what drives him even more.

“I dedicated myself to my family so that means I can’t be good at a sport? So do you have any outside pleasures that you enjoy? You’re bringing up family. Family actually helps me a lot.”

From there, the two engaged in back-and-forth banter to the point that the host was forced to tell them to watch their language.

So check out the video embedded above to see the interview in its entirety. And to get caught up with the latest UFC 199 fight card click here.

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