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Video: Michael Bisping & Eddie Bravo almost come to blows after MMA awards

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After Thursday night’s MMA awards, Michael Bisping and Eddie Bravo get into a heated, profanity-laced argument that required Ben Saunders to step in.

Yesterday’s UFC press conference featuring middleweight champion Michael Bisping and returning superstar Georges St-Pierre went a bit off the rails, with GSP accusing “The Count” of being drunk and Bisping basically agreeing with him, in very aggressive fashion. It was a pretty intense beginning to the lead-up of their fight.

Apparently, the drinking and aggressive behavior actually got off to a running start at the MMA Awards on Thursday night. A fan caught this video of Bisping and Eddie Bravo having a very heated conversation, laden with curse words and requiring the intervention of UFC welterweight favorite Ben Saunders towards the end of the clip.

Drinks are plainly visible, and the champ was obviously agitated about something Bravo said that looks to have been misconstrued, as Eddie protested frequently that he was on Bisping’s side. At one point, a fan that tried to ask Saunders for a photo, but was kindly told to “F*ck off” by the angry Brit. The person that shot the video states that he was also told the same thing, which is what prompted him to start filming.

Many thanks to Marcel Hampton for sharing the clip.

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Almost got in an Altercation with Michael Bisping Camp Drunk or Not a Champion should always be Humble, Respectful, and not take every opportunity to be a Dick to your Fans #LetsGoGSP #EddieBravo #IKnowYourScaredBoi #YoelRomero

Posted by Marcel Hampton on Friday, March 3, 2017

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