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Video: MMA ref cluelessly lets fighter get choked unconscious for long period

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A ref in Brazil doesn’t know how to do his job, unfortunately for one MMA fighter.

When it comes to referee mistakes, bad calls, and screwups, the list could reach the moon and back. Whether it’s Steve Mazzagatti giving Kevin Burns credit for successfully gouging out Anthony Johnson’s eyeballs or Jeff Malott letting Joe Warren get deaded (again and again) by Pat Curran — you don’t have to go far.

Just last year there was also this ridiculous display in a bout between Marcio Lyoto and Fabio Aguiar.

This weekend’s display of utter incompetence might take the cake.

Above is a bout between Rafael Barbosa (6-1) and Melquizael Costa Da Conceicao (11-2) on Demolidor’s Fight 13 show in Ginasio Duduzao, Bauro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

And then that happened. Conceicao is stuck in a choke for what nearly two whole minutes. Barbosa even motions to the ref that he’s out less than thirty seconds into the sequence.

Even if Conceicao wasn’t out at that point, his body appears mostly lifeless, and the ref never once grabs a hand or arm to see if Conceicao might be on his way out. When he does finally break the two apart, Conceicao is clearly out.

As of this writing, the referee remains unidentified. We’ll be sure to provide an update when we find out more.

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