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Video: MMA’s PED Fails – Top 10

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We take a look at some of the worst PED failures in MMA history. From the first fighters in the UFC to champions.

MMA has had an uneasy relationship with performance enhancing drugs for years, and lately it’s become downright hostile. In the 90’s, what was known more commonly as “no holds barred” cage fighting was essentially a free for all of performance enhancing drug users. Men with bulging biceps, taking their ‘skills’ straight from the weight bench to the Octagon.

As the sport moved forward and looked to gain it’s place in the public eye, mixed martial arts adopted athletic commission drug testing standards. That meant administering pre & post-fight drug tests, but during the months between fights, MMA was still largely free of oversight. That didn’t mean there weren’t still some high profile drug test failures, but they were rare.

Now, in the current USADA era, it feels like rarely does a month go by when someone isn’t getting popped for something. All that said, here’s our list of the most flagrant drug test failures in MMA.

10. Frank Mir
9. Nick Diaz
8. Alistair Overeem
7. Anderson Silva
6. Brock Lesnar
5. Royce Gracie

Watch the video to find out who else is on the list. And of course, who landed at no. 1.

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