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Video: Tyrone Spong returns to boxing ring, ends chubby bald guy with vicious death punch

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GLORY kickboxer Tyrone Spong, who also competes in mixed martial arts (MMA) under the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) banner, continues to dabble in the “sweet science,” trading leather with some chubby bald guy I never heard of last weekend in Mexico.

Not that it matters, because you’re just here for the death punch, conveniently embedded above.

Spong broke his leg in a gruesome scene way back in 2014 (pic) and while he was gone, GLORY underwent some organizational changes. So too, did WSOF, which may be one of the reasons the Blackzilian powerhouse hasn’t been in any kind of hurry to return to either sport.

Can’t say I blame him, with results like this.

In addition, boxing is less wear and tear than either of its competing combat sports, simply because there are no leg kicks, or in the case of MMA, ground fighting. Perhaps UFC will finally come calling?

Time will tell.

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