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VIDEO: Watch as Boxer Has to Tell Referee to ‘Stop the F-ing Fight’

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There are refs and then there are bad refs. Then there are refs who just plain suck at their jobs.

Take for example this ref who, after watching a boxer get beaten to the point of utter destruction, finally stops the fight he’s supposed to be overseeing. It got to the point where after the fight’s over, the winning boxer, Will Meehan, turns to the ref and says “STOP THE F**KING FIGHT!”

It’s moments like this that remind us that some refs are just the worst thing ever.

Watch the YouTube footage HERE or … to the Instagramage!

Check out the SportsManShip displayed here. You gotta salute #WillisMeehan for doing his job and caring about his opponents Health aswell. #Salute #BoxingLife #Respect ___________________________________ #LoveToFightAnotherDay

A video posted by Mayweather Canelo Cotto Memes (@boxing__memes) on Oct 20, 2015 at 7:25am PDT

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