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[VIDEO] Watch John Lineker Obliterate Michael McDonald in the ‘Fight Night 91′ Main Event

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In a sport as wild and unpredictable as MMA often is, perhaps it’s fitting that, less than a week after the “biggest card in UFC history” left us feeling cold and mostly underwhelmed, a humble, under-the-radar, and most importantly free card like Fight Night 91 would come along and collectively blow our goddamn socks off. It even finished wrapping up before midnight, if you can believe it!

What Fight Night 91 may have lacked in star power, it more than made up for in just excellent displays of guys and girls punching each other in the face. In the main event of the evening, devastating face-puncher John Lineker took on the similarly hard-hitting Michael McDonald in a bantamweight contest, and the result was right up there with Lineker’s battle against Francisco Rivera in terms of just how much face was punched inside the span of three minutes.

Video after the jump.

Rather than fill this section of the article with any analytical insight into just how good of a face puncher John Lineker is (he’s really, really good), we think it would be more appropriate to compile this list of 100% true facts about “Hands of Stone” that we posted to our Twitter as the fight was going on.

John Lineker angrily punched a wall in his bedroom once.

There were no survivors.

— CagePotato.com (@cagepotatomma) July 14, 2016

FACT: John Lineker is not legally allowed to knead dough within a 40 mile radius of other human beings.

— CagePotato.com (@cagepotatomma) July 14, 2016

John Lineker killed Houdini. He did it tonight, from 90 years in the future, but the force was so strong that it traversed time & space.

— CagePotato.com (@cagepotatomma) July 14, 2016

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