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‘Vikings’ Actress Says Conor McGregor Bailed on the Show After A Part Was Written For Him

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‘Vikings’ Actress Says Conor McGregor Bailed on the Show After A Part Was Written For Him

Conor McGregor still isn’t ready to crossover into Hollywood yet.

While McGregor has long teased a potential career in acting with several lucrative roles being thrown his way in the past including parts in the new “Predator” movie as well as “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”, the former two-division UFC champion appears to be focused on fighting for now.

The latest offer to jump into acting apparently came from the popular History series “Vikings” where a part was actually written specifically for McGregor to appear on the show.

According to actress Katheryn Winnick, McGregor was slated to do the series and then decided to bow out at the last minute, forcing rewrites for the episode that she was directing.

“To be honest with you, he was supposed to be in my show that I directed,” Winnick revealed when speaking to TMZ. “I wrote him a role with the writers we came up with a role and it just didn’t work out. Any change as a director, I have to change the entire scene.

“I had less than a few hours to change a whole scene. So there was a time when we really wanted him on the show.”

While McGregor has done commercials in the past including a recent campaign with Burger King, the former UFC champion hasn’t fully committed to any major roles in Hollywood just yet.

By all accounts it appears “Vikings” won’t be his first judging by the situation that unfolded in the last attempt to get McGregor on the show.


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