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Wanderlei Silva’s re-hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission postponed

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Wanderlei Silva will get a second chance to plead his case in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission, it just won’t happen this month. Silva’s re-hearing was postponed Thursday at a commission meeting in Las Vegas, NV, as a clerical error led to Silva’s lawyer Ross Goodman not receiving the necessary paperwork until the day prior.

Goodman also wished to cross-examine UFC executive Kirk Hendrick, who was not present at the meeting. Silva was not present, as well.

Silva, 39, fled from a random drug test in Nevada ahead of his UFC 175 scheduled bout against Chael Sonnen in May 2014. He later admitted to fleeing because he had taken diuretics, a banned substance which he claimed was to help with inflammation in a fractured wrist.

Goodman argued that the NAC did not have proper jurisdiction to randomly test Silva because the Brazilian was not a licensed fighter at the time of the test.

The commission rejected Silva’s defense during a Sept. 2014 hearing and slapped him with an unprecedented lifetime ban in the state of Nevada, plus a $70,000 fine.

Silva appealed the ruling, however, and this past May a judge in Nevada district court ruled that the NAC punishment was ….View original article

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