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Warlley Alves compares first loss to car accident, vows to beat up ‘Chevrolet’ Kamaru Usman

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RIO DE JANEIRO — Warlley Alves suffered his first loss as a professional MMA fighter in May, and it hurt.

The Brazilian welterweight prospect, who lost a decision to Bryan Barberena at UFC 198 in Curitiba, is scheduled to return to the cage on Nov. 19 against Kamaru Usman, and not being undefeated anymore as a mixed martial artist changed a few things in him.

“I never dealt well with losses,” Alves said during a UFC Fight Night 100 media day in Rio de Janeiro. “I always had a philosophy that a loss is similar to an accident. You leave home for work and get in a car accident or get hit by a car, that’s something you didn’t expect. I didn’t expect losing the way I lost. I wasn’t knocked out or submitted, but Barberena earned it.

“He really defeated me, but that messed a lot with me. That woke up a side of me I didn’t even know I had. I will work hard to make sure something like that never happens in my life anymore.”

Right after the UFC 198 fight, Alves underwent surgery to fix a deviated septum, and already felt the difference in training.

“That’s helping me a lot,” said the X-Gym welterweight. “I always breathed through my mouth and that wasn’t good. It’s way better now. I didn’t want to be back as soon as possible, but as best as possible. I will do my best in there on Nov. 19. I’m sorry, but ‘Chevrolet’ won’t take this away from me.”

Like Alves, Usman — or “Chevrolet” Kamaru, as Alves jokes — is a welterweight who impressed on UFC’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter veteran, but the Brazilian is not a fan of his fighting style.

“Kamaru is a very tough opponent. He’s an All-American. (But) his ….View full article

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