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WBC To Stop Sanctioning Fights in Ontario

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The World Boxing Council announced yesterday that it will no longer sanction boxing matches in the Canadian province of Ontario, or any province that abides by the rules of its athletic commission. The decision comes in light of a match that took place on April 12th, where boxer Guillermo Herrera suffered an 8th round KO loss and still remains hospitalized from a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. According to the WBC, much of the injury was caused by fight regulations stipulated by the regional commission.

“The WBC considers the Ontario Athletic Commission’s boxing regulations to be dangerous for the participants. Accordingly, the WBC has pleaded with the OAC to comply with the established world safety standards applicable to professional boxing,” stated WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman in the official press release. “The OAC conducts its official weigh-in ceremony the very day of the fight. There is ample medical evidence that the OAC’s weigh-in practice is dangerous and can be detrimental to the health and safety of the fighters. Ontario also limits the amount and length of material that can be used to wrap the hands of the boxers. Again, that practice goes against the widely accepted standards around the world.”

What is interesting is that same day weigh-ins have been commonly discussed in fight circles as the theorized solution to increasing fighter safety by discouraging competitors from attempting drastic weight cuts the day before the bout. The WBC, however, has been a proponent against this proposal, arguing with the Ontario Athletic Commission about the matter as early as April of last year.

“The WBC also expressed its views about the OAC rule that requires day-of-the-fight weigh in. The WBC pioneered the implementation of the day-before-fight weigh in to allow rehydration and proper brain electrolyte balance. It is scientifically proven that the ….View full article

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