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What happens next in the book of Jon Jones?

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The UFC is all about them mulligans. Jon Jones is back. The time is now for the pound-for-pound best in the assorted techniques to return to his domain. The man whose only loss in a cage came down to his own misunderstanding of 12-to-6 elbows is back on the clock. The UFC reinstated the beleaguered champion on Friday, just in time to set up a clash with Daniel Cormier, who is — in the eyes of many — masquerading around with a belt that ain’t rightly his.

Jones is now cleared for that Colossal Rematch, which was the least surprising development since Conor McGregor ended up getting slotted to coach TUF. What Jones does with this latest reboot becomes the next bit of drama.

That’s because second chances are meant to be generous gestures from people kind enough to forgive wrongdoings. In this case it feels more like something like a third chance (maybe even a fourth), some kind of “dude, please don’t eff this up again” olive branch that the UFC is extending towards him. Images are in play. Millions of dollars. There was the DUI thing, when he crashed his Bentley in upstate New York. There was ….View original article

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