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When brothers Caros Fodor and Phoenix Jones fight, Mama will turn away

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If you ask Caros Fodor, fighting his younger brother Ben Fodor in a sanctioned bout with definitive rules is a cakewalk compared to the many unofficiated brawls and dust-ups of their youths — early territory fights that went on well before anyone knew what a “publicity stunt” even was.

“This time we got a referee to break us up,” Caros says, almost a little too giddily. “So this is probably the safest fight we’ve ever had.”

The brothers Fodor will fight at World Series of Fighting 32, which takes place at the XFINITY Arena in their native Washington on June 30. It will be a catchweight bout at 162 pounds, meaning a rare compromise was reached between the two. The crowd will know well the combatants, who’ve long made names in the Northwest corridor. Both train with Matt Hume at AMC Pankration, the state’s most famous gym. Both have won regional titles. Yet not everybody is in love with the idea. Their mother, Susan, who adopted Caros and Ben when they were both infants, will not watch such nonsense. She will not even attempt it through her fingers. In fact, she is damn mad that her sons behave the way they do.

“I was hoping it would never happen,” she says. “But it doesn’t come as a surprise.”

Susan, just like Caros and Ben, knew there could come a day when the siblings — brothers in everything but blood — would take off their shoes and attempt to do competitive harm to one another. The writing’s been on the wall for the dozen or so years her sons have been involved in martial arts. Special occasions weren’t special at the Fodor homestead unless somebody was getting at somebody else’s jugular. Susan used to tell them to take it outside.

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