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White on Mayweather: ‘It’ll take years’ of training to become MMA ready

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Dana White gives his own take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s much talked about transition into mixed martial arts.

When Tyron Woodley claimed that he be helping Floyd Mayweather Jr. train for MMA, he gave a timeframe of two and a half months to get it done. Mayweather, meanwhile, gave himself what he deemed to be a more realistic deadline of six to eight months.

But according to UFC president Dana White, who has been in the business for almost two decades, it will take a much longer time than what the two fighters had predicted themselves.

“Years,” White told TMZ Sports when asked how long he thought Mayweather would need to be ready. “It takes years of wrestling, martial arts, and combat sports training to be a mixed martial artist.

“He’s a defensive master with his hands, doing all this stuff,” he continued. “When somebody double-legs you and drops you on your head, he doesn’t have the defense for that. Yeah, no.”

White is also somewhat confident that Mayweather’s MMA move would become a reality, given how things have developed in the past.

“I’m interested,” White said. “Obviously, he’s interested (and) the last time we were both interested, you saw what happened.”

The last time both parties were “interested”, Mayweather fought Conor McGregor in a boxing match, in which the UFC had reportedly earned an estimated $50 million from.

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