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White slams Woodley: You’re not a money fight, ‘just shut up and fight’

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Dana White tells Tyron Woodley to ‘shut up’ and stop asking for ‘money fights’, because he isn’t a money fight himself.

In recent weeks, Tyron Woodley has been so vocal about how he has been treated poorly by the UFC. He has also stated that he feels like he won the first bout against Stephen Thompson and wasn’t too keen on facing him on this rematch at UFC 209.

Dana White, who had public exchanges calling his welterweight champion a ‘drama queen’, has again addressed these statements.

“Woodley fought to a draw. Who do you think you should fight next? You’ve got to beat the guy,” White told TSN. “He’s upset about the decision, then don’t let it go to the judges. If you’re so upset at the judges and you think you’ve won, tomorrow night, go ahead and prove it. Finish the fight.”

White also slammed Woodley for asking for money fights, saying he would be a far bigger star if he just stopped talking and complaining.

“For him to be talking money fights? This guy could be the most marketable champion, ever,” White started. “He’s good looking. He speaks well. He’s a smart guy. He’s a physical specimen, the list goes on. He’s got knockout power, knocks people out. But he’s like that good looking dude, that looks unbelievable and has all the potential in the world… until he starts talking. That’s Tyron Woodley.

“If Tyron Woodley would just be the guy and just say ‘I wanna fight everybody’ — he’s talking about money fights, all these crazy stuff. Don’t talk about money fights, unless you are a money fight! Shouldn’t that be the goal, for you to be a money fight?”

When asked how Woodley gets to that point of being the marketable marquee fighter, White thinks it’s pretty simple.

“Shut up, and fight,” he said. “Just shut up and fight. Stop. Stop.”

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