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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Mickey Gall. Remember it now because you’ll be screaming it later. Well not really…well maybe yes really. Though Mickey Gall’s future in the UFC is far from solid, being only a couple losses from going back to his humble N.J. beginnings, the point remains that this small town boy has fandangled his way into the UFC for better or for worse.

After calling out CM Punk in Dana White’s “Looking For a Fight”, Mickey Gall drew the Golden ticket and welcomed the former Wrestler and media draw into the UFC. But his first round stoppage of the novice fighter, the real magic came outside the fight. The legitimate joy in his walkout, the octagon interview. Despite a few F bombs, this kid knew what he was doing, he had crowd control, he showed personality, and was obviously a student to the game.

In his post fight interview, he put out a serious call out to the much hyped media darling, Sage Northcutt. The clean cut 8-1 fighter still has a lot of question marks around him, is he as good as everyone thinks he is, or is he just unrealized potential? Mickey Gall intends on finding out.

For Gall, it’s a win win. He could’ve slipped in obscurity after the CM fight and wasted his earnings on a 6 month binge of strip clubs and booze. Instead, he’s fighting one of the newest stars of the UFC and potential face of the next generation. If he wins, he starts to be seen as the real deal, and will almost undoubtedly call out a ranked fighter. Can he compete with the big dogs? I don’t think so, but he will get PAID! and that’s half the battle in the UFC.

If he losses, people will expect that anyway, and ….View full article

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