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With key fights ahead, manager Alex Davis hopes for changes in UFC-Reebok deal

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Nine months after UFC’s six-year deal with Reebok became effective, fighters and managers still have different opinions about it.

Longtime MMA manager Alex Davis, who represents a long list of UFC fighters that includes Antonio Silva, Edson Barboza, Thiago Tavares and John Lineker, was used to looking for sponsors for his clients before and after their fights. The UFC-Reebok deal started in July 2015, and he’s still hopeful that things might change.

“It looks like this deal, at least for me, didn’t bear the fruits both UFC and Reebok expected,” Davis told MMAFighting.com. “I think it wasn’t good for athletes, and had a negative effect in the MMA industry that was growing and supporting the sport.

“We have to wait. Reebok is a big company and is developing products. I think they will learn with the things that are wrong and fix it. I hope it changes something in the medium and long terms. The Reebok deal might bring a positive effect for the sport long term because it gave the sport more credibility among other big companies, but it became a huge hit for athletes short term because it took a lot of their money.”

Davis expected the Reebok deal to help other promotions, with brands looking to sponsor non-UFC fighters since they wouldn’t be able to enter the Octagon anymore. Nine months later, he admits it never happened as he hoped.

“What worries me the most is that I expected that the companies that used the UFC to advertise their products would use other promotions to invest their money in other promotions, but that never happened,” he said. “These other promotions don’t have the same platform the UFC does. They are still far from the UFC in terms of production, media and public relations. They don’t give those brands ….View full article

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