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Wonder Twins Power Podcast: Interviewing VADA head Dr. Margaret Goodman

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Wonder Twins Power Podcast with Iain Kidd and Stephie Haynes. This show is an offshoot of the Three Amigos Podcast that allows us to delve a little deeper into current MMA issues that warrant closer inspection and conversation.

Today’s show revolves around our special guest, Dr. Margaret Goodman, whose impressive list of accolades include being a longtime Nevada Athletic Commission ringside physician, neurologist, and president of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA).

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Goodman discusses her involvement in combat sports, thoughts on the Fertittas and Dana White and how they changed the sport, what led to VADA’s formation, prohibited lists, testing, cannabinoids, the decision to let the commissions handle punishments, transparency, cost of testing programs and more. If you’ve ever wanted to know the inner workings of testing programs, this is a very comprehensive Q & A.

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