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WWE superstar Becky Lynch spars with Conor McGregor on social media: ‘I’d break that bond, and his arm’

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If you’re not much of a pro wrestling fan, this won’t mean a lot to you. But WWE superstar Becky Lynch has ascended to superstardom in the last few months portraying a badass heel character and calling herself “The Man”. She is currently feuding with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, but a legitimate injury caused by an errant punch from a fellow wrestler sidelined her for a while with a broken nose and a concussion – and somehow got her even more over.

Part of her character is going after anyone and everyone on social media, and the real-life Rebecca Quin is from Limerick, Ireland. So it was only a matter of time before she started talking about countryman and fellow trash talker Conor McGregor. That time has come, with Becky and Conor having an amusing little back-and-forth. It started with an article making comparisons between the two, which Becky took it to the next level:

Conor used the moment as an advertising tool for his whiskey:

Becky then cheekily referenced Conor’s accomplishments as a two-division UFC champ, and referenced his bus attack on Khabib Nurmagomedov before UFC 223:

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff. But it’s black friday, and there’s not a lot going on. Anyone remotely interested in pro wrestling should give Becky a chance though. She’s a treasure. I mean, she constantly refers to Rousey as “Ronnie”. That’s just brilliant. Just look at this tweet she directed at Rousey about her retreat from the spotlight following her loss to Holly Holm:


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