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Yoel Romero called into Michael Bisping’s radio show to scream at him

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The feud between middleweight champ Michael Bisping and #1 contender Yoel Romero jumped from social media to the radiowaves.

Yoel Romero has called Michael Bisping on his smack talk. Literally. After Michael Bisping responded to a tweet from Yoel by giving him the number to call into his XM Sirious radio show, Romero phoned up to yell incoherently at the middleweight champion.

The two fighters have been going back and forth ever since Yoel Romero forced his way to the front of the middleweight contender line with his vicious flying knee knockout of Chris Weidman. Bisping, fresh off an attempt to create a fight with Georges St. Pierre at UFC 206 in Toronto out of thin air on social media, suddenly became too injured to fight, and recently had knee surgery. That’s left a lot of time for the two to jab at each other online.

A great example of this is Yoel’s GoFundMe campaign offering to pay for Michael Bisping’s medical bills after they fight. Today’s edition of the Yoel And Michael Show started on twitter and ended on the radio.

Tune into @MMAonSiriusXM at 3pm for the #countdown. We have @madflavor joining us, plus I’ll be setting the midget @YoelRomeroMMA straight

— michael (@bisping) February 9, 2017

Let me guess “steroids” blah blah blah “I’m hurt” blah blah “I can’t see” blah blah and I won’t be a midget when I’m standing over you #ko

— Yoel Romero (@YoelRomeroMMA) February 9, 2017

@YoelRomeroMMA @MMAonSiriusXM hey Yoel, I’m not gonna argue with your social media intern.But if you wanna talk call in 8447967874 #fake

— michael (@bisping) February 9, 2017

So Yoel called in. And magic happened. I won’t spoil it for you since it would be impossible to transcript the ridiculous back and forth between Bisping and Romero, but suffice to say Michael repeatedly brought up the accusation that Yoel crapped his pants during a UFC fight, and that seemed to build Yoel into an even more passionate frothy state.

Bisping will be out of commission until May at the earliest, meaning we’ve got three or four more months of this kind of thing before the two fighters get to punch each other in the face. Who knows? If it stays this entertaining, Bisping may have turned this high risk low reward fight into the kind of feud that brings in tons of eyes … and money.

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