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Yves Edwards calls Brendan Schaub a ‘self-righteous a—hole’

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Yves Edwards fires back at Brendan Schaub for claiming that he got ‘emotional’ over Schaub’s ‘all-black’ UFC panel comments.

Last month, former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub stirred up the headlines with his comments about UFC Tonight’s ‘all-black panel’, insinuating that the show’s broadcasting quality was overlooked in favor of promoting a more ethnically diverse panel.

“Sometimes you look at UFC Tonight and you’re like, ‘Alright, is that the best panel possible? Or are you just trying to check off the boxes? We get it, UFC Tonight FOX, you’re not racist. We get it, you have an all-black panel. We get it. Woah, we get it. We get it, man,” Schaub said on his podcast.

Following his comments, Schaub got into a bit of a back-and-forth on Twitter with UFC analyst Yves Edwards, but both men looked to have settled any beef they may have had.

On Friday, however, Schaub riled up Edwards again when he said the former UFC lightweight contender got a little ‘emotional’ on social media.

“It’s a blip on the radar,” Schaub told Luke Thomas in a recent interview, per MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew. “It’s UFC Tonight. I love all those guys. They’re great. I watch the show. I actually talked to [Daniel Cormier] the day that all happened – I’m close with DC – I mean no ill regard towards any of them. I like Karen Bryant, Yves Edwards, [Tyron] Woodley, they’re all my friends. I think someone was upset on there.

“I think Yves was upset because of something that he sees in himself so when I made that comment he thinks it’s about him in particular and he lashed out. I woke up like, ‘Yves, come on’ and then when we spoke, he was good. He was like, ‘Dude, I was emotional,my bad’ and I was like, ‘Come on, obviously I’m not racist.’

“I felt so bad. I have some brain farts and that was one of them. The thing that bums me out was, they’re my friends. Karen’s a good friend.”

Edwards, 41, responded by posting screenshots of his private messages with Schaub on Twitter, calling the former professional football player a ‘self-righteous asshole’.

Schaub, 34, has yet to reply but expect a response in the coming days.

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