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Dont believe the sensationalism invo...

#Repost @kassimosgood with @repostapp.
Don’t believe the sensationalism involved with the media brainwashing you to think guns are the problem. People are always the deciding factor in the end. Second Amendment was created for a reason. And now they want to take it back. People get shot everyday in the rough neighborhoods. It’s been going on for years yet nobody started screaming gun laws when that happened. Now all of a sudden it happens somewhere else and “oh we need more gun laws now.” Nope. We need more education laws. We need to reopen a lot of these mental institutions and get some order back to society. Not all people believe in guns. Cool. But not all people believe in being disarmed and exposed either. #Agree2Disagree #2ndamendment #USA #FREEDOM #GunsHelpedUsGetThisCountry #GunsAreHelpingUsKeepIt

Chuck Liddell Photo via Instagram – 2015-11-03 19:59:48