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Felice Herrig Photo via IG WMMA Fighter Post – #Repost @michellethemachine (@get_repost) ・・・ Wasn’t planning on releasing photo…

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community news, Felice Herrig Photo via IG WMMA Fighter Post    #Repost @michellethemachine (@get repost)
Wasnt planning on releasing photo...

#Repost @michellethemachine (@get_repost)
Wasn’t planning on releasing photos from this particular shoot with @feliceherrig but I think they make a case for her marketability in the UFC. I mean just look at her! Like if you agree ⭐️ And I should say that I am a very lazy photographer in post production– meaning that I prefer spending my time in action with the cameras and not sitting in front of my computer for ages so there is little to no retouching on all my stuff with Felice. My photos show the real Felice in all her glowing and shredded beauty. #nofilter #feliceherrig #youngandbeautiful #ufc

Felice Herrig Photo via Instagram fighter post from around the web – 2017-07-03 18:50:28