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10 Fighters Who Will Retire Soon

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Ronda Rousey is expected to retire from MMA and UFC president Dana White anticipates the same thing.
Amanda Nunes TKO’d Ronda in her last fight, and Amanda probably won’t fight for much longer either.
That may be why Amanda wanted to go for a second UFC belt after just one title defense.
Matt Brown sustained a concussion in his fight with Johny Hendricks, afterwards he noted that if he suffers another one,
he may have to considering walking away from MMA. He did get knocked out in his last fight against Donald Cerrone. And now
he isn’t sure if he’ll continue to fight.
Carlos Condit has been concerned about head trauma, he given a lot of it to opponents over the years, but he’s also taken it,
even when he won fights like against Koji Oishi in 2006, he won that fight via TKO but afterwards asked his coach 7 times in the locker room what happened.
In his last fight Condit was choked by Demian Maia but said he was rocked by a punch by Maia before that happened and afterwards he
questioned if he has any business fighting anymore.
Brad Pickett will make his final walk to the UFC Octagon on March 18th in London.
Neil Seery was supposed to fight Ian McCall in his retirement fight in November but an illness caused McCall to be unable to weigh in
and fight was scrapped.
The two were scheduled to fight again at UFC 208 but Seery pulled out after his mother and law passed away.
McCall has also been contemplating retirement for a couple of years but he’s been unable to actually make it to the Octagon and fight for
over 2 years. He pulled out of fighting Dustin Ortiz due to injury in August 2015, in July 2016 Justin Scoggis pulled out of fighting McCall
2 days before the fight stating that he could not make weight, 3 days before Ray Borg was supposed to fight McCall in September, Borg pulled
out due to illness. Then McCall pulled out of the Seery fight in November, and Seery pulled of the rescheduled UFC 208 fight, and now Seery
has been replaced by Jarred Brooks for that fight with McCall.
Georges St-Pierre walked away from MMA in November 2013 but left the door open to come back. He attempted to return in 2016 but could not work
out a deal with the UFC. The two sides cannot seem to come to an agreement and while GSP claims he is a free agent, the UFC disagrees and it
could end being a fruitless battle for him to try and fight the UFC in court, which may mean that he will never fight again in the cage.
The last man GSP fought was Johny Hendricks. Johny reached the pinnacle of the sport in his next fight after that by winning a UFC title,
but since that time has gone 1-4 in his next 5 fights and is on a 3 fight losing streak. He said he’d be done if he lost to Neil Magny, he lost that
fight and missed weight and also missed weight for the fight before that. Now he has been forced to move up to 185 and will fight Hector Lombard.
He says he will retire if he can’t compete with the 185ers. He says he can’t make 170 and won’t ever try again because it’s too hard on his body.
And Michael Bisping says he’s also ready to exit the sport since he achieved his goal of winning a UFC title. He just wants to have a big payday or
two and walk way from the game.