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20 Things you may not know about Robbie Lawler

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20 things you may not know about UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. Lawler fights Tyron Woodley on July 30th at UFC 201.

Robbie’s full name is Robert Glenn Lawler.
Robbie on the origins of his nickname says: “Dana White called me one day and told me I needed a nickname and suggested “Ruthless.” So I said, “Yeah, whatever. Pick what you want.” it wasn’t a big deal to me. It was more of a UFC marketing thing. It could have been anything.”
After winning the UFC title in December 2014, Robbie tattooed the UFC belt onto his Gladiator tattoo on his left arm.
He won the title at UFC 181 by split decision against Johny Hendricks, making Lawler the first fighter in UFC history to win a belt from another fighter by split decision.
Robbie has a mixed ethnicity.
Lawler is in a scene in the movie The Death and Life of Bobby Z with the late Paul Walker.
Lawler was in the first MMA fight to be aired on US cable television at UFC 37.5 in June 2002 against Steve Berger.
Frank Trigg kissed Lawler at the weighins before their fight in 2007.
Lawler knocked him out and regarding that final shot which lands while Trigg is unconscious, Trigg told Submission Radio: “He stripped my vision in my left eye for like eight or nine months after that fight because he hit me with my eye open. I couldn’t see anything. I had no peripheral vision. …that fight changed me for the rest of my career and probably for the rest of my life. It’s fights like that, that cause dementia and concussion problems later in life, and give you Parkinsons and things like that that boxers are getting. It’s going through a bunch of fights like that, that causes it. That causes that problem. “
Lawler used to wrestle and play football at Bettendorf high school and one of his friends who played football with him said he: Went to watch him fight at a few bowling alleys in Iowa. We used to circle up our cars in parking lots on weekends and dudes would fight in the middle. Saw Robbie do this once….After he graduated high school he used to come back to the gym to work out with the football team. He used to do pushups with fists on the cement like he was fighting the ground.
…Robbie would would come to school wearing nothing but jean overalls. No shirt or anything.
His friend also posted this yearbook image of Lawler which has the quote from Robbie: I am the dominant force.
Earlier in his career, Lawler did not warmup before fights, just walked into the cage without a warmup and fought.
Lawler was only 19 when getting into MMA and his mom was his manager early in his career.
After being impressed with a Lawler fight in 2001, Dana White said that as a Christmas present to himself, he decided to sign him to the UFC.
Robbie used to train at the Miletich Fighting Systems when the gym was run out of a racquetball court.
Lawler was right-handed but told Pat Miletich he was a lefty because he knew southpaws tended to pose more problems than conventional fighters and wanted to be trained as a left handed fighter
Matt Hughes said: Several times I watched him spar big Tim Sylvia, and Tim didn’t know what to do with him. It was funny watching Robbie cut his angles on Tim. All Tim wanted to do was put Robbie in front of him, but [Robbie] was gone before Tim even threw a punch.
Lawler was supposed to fight Phil Baroni at UFC 51 in February 2005 but Lawler got injured. Baroni stayed on the card and ended up getting guillotine choked by Pete Sell.
Lawler said: Drew McFedries was the hardest hitter I’ve ever been around. A big, strong, athletic guy with power. He didn’t have to hit you with a hard shot or load up–even the little short shots could hurt you.
McFedries is a former UFC middleweight.
Lawler had a catchweight fight at 195 pounds in Strikeforce in 2010. Mayhem Miller was replaced by Renato Sobral to fight Lawler and it was set at 195 pounds. Lawler lost by decision.
After knocking out Falaniko Vitale in 2005, Vitale’s sister rushes into the ring to attack Robbie.

Robbie took about 6 years off sparring. He said: When I was in Pride, I actually got hit and had vertigo and was just like, ‘I don’t need to spar for a bit.’
Lawler has one submission win by armbar in his career in 2005 in King of the Cage.
And after Robbie won his exciting and brutal fight with Rory MacDonald in July 2015. Dustin Poirier tweeted: I want to be like Robbie Lawler when I grow up