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25 Things you may not know about Carlos Condit

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25 things you may not know about UFC welterweight Carlos Condit. Condit fights Demian Maia on August 27th in Vancouver.
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His full name is Carlos Joseph Condit.
Of Condit’s 30 wins, 28 of them are by stoppage. That’s a 93.3% finishing rate.
Condit has won 7 fights in under a minute and has won 13 fights in under a minute and a half.
So over 43% of his wins are under 90 seconds.
When Carlos fought Pat Healy in 2006, he admits he didn’t take him seriously and ended up losing by rear-naked choke.
On his nickname the Natural Born Killer, Condit says: “I was like 18 years old, a fresh-faced young kid but I was finishing all of my opponents in the first round by knockouts or submissions. That’s where it kind of came from.”
With regards to Condit’s ethnic background, Carlos’s grandfather was of Austrian, German, and Cherokee Native American descent, while his grandmother was of Spanish-Mexican and Indigenous Mexican descent
Cartoons and Films also played a role in his passion for MMA.
The second movie Condit ever watched was the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.
Condit started training at Greg Jackson’s school at 15 years old.
Carlos fought for pay for the first time when he was 16 years old.
Early in his career Condit was making around $200 a fight.
Condit had one pro boxing bout in 2004, which he lost by split decision.
He was supposed to fight Donald Cerrone in that boxing match but some sort of miscommunication prevented that from happening.
Condit had his first kickboxing bout at age 19 against 2-time K-1 World Max champion Andy Souwer who had a 93-1 record at the time. It was under Shootboxing rules which was basically Muay Thai that also allowed throws and standing submission holds. Condit lost by TKO via leg kicks with 17 seconds left in the the 5th round.
On Joe Rogan’s podcast, Carlos said he only had to cut about 8 pounds for the fight, but had no understanding about weight cutting at all at the time, so he basically starved himself for 4 days leading up to the weigh in to lose the 8 pounds.
Carlos worked as a bouncer for a while and was also a lifeguard for a couple of years.
Condit was an intern at the Department of Labour, and his backup career plan was being an electrician because he says he comes from a couple of generations of electricians.
Condit’s dad Brian was Chief of Staff for former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson
Condit won a bonus in 7 out of his 12 UFC fights
5 out of his 12 fights have won Fight of the Night
If you combine his disclosed pay for fights and bonuses, Condit has earned just over $1.5 million.

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