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8 Generous Acts in MMA

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After winning the UFC bantamweight belt, Cody Garbrandt instantly gave it away to leukemia survivor Maddux Maple.
Years ago he promised to make it to the UFC and win if Maddux continued to fight his leukemia.
Giving away UFC belts is something Georges St-Pierre did when he won and defended the welterweight title. His coach Firas Zahabi mentioned it in
St-Pierre’s book The Way of the Fight.
Justin Wren has been helping fight slavery and oppression in Africa, and has helped dig wells for clean weater, grow and harvest food, and buy back
land that was taken from the Pygmy people. He’s also working to replant trees in areas deforested by companies seeking to exploit the minerals there.
John Cholish expressed dissatisfication with the low amount of payment he received in the UFC, but in his final fight in MMA he donated all his earnings to help
Oklahoma tornado victims.
Ronda Rousey donated $30,000 to the Reaction Institute, which is non-governmental sporting program for children in Brazil.
In 2010, Dana White paid $50,000 to replace a 4 year old girl’s liver to save her life.
Ryan Bader has donated over $70,000 to various charities including the Wounded Warriors organization and Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation.
And in 2011, Enson Inoue travelled to northeast Japan to aid earthquake and tsunami victims. Enson loaded up a Hummer with supplies and drove it over
to help those in need.