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Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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There’s no shortage of spectacular attacks in Muay Thai. In this piece, I feature superstars Somrak Khamsing, the late Nokweed Davy, and UK Muay Thai pioneer Damien Trainor delivering just a portion of the flashy techniques that can seen in Muay Thai.

Many people in the west like to generalize Muay Thai as single style, single kick, and often lacking western boxing. This is far from the truth. There are so many styles, and so many camps. The very birth of modern Muay Thai is a fusion of Muay Boran styles mixed with western boxing influence.

The techniques used by these legends are some of the more flashy attacks in Muay Thai fights, but don’t confuse this with the fighters not having amazing textbook fundamentals. The legends featured in this clip have developed their basics to be utilized in the most advanced ways, and long before you saw them popularized in MMA.


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