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EVOLVE Community Outreach Program | Caring For Cambodia

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Evolve MMA: http://evolve-mma.com

Since 2010, the Evolve Community Outreach Program has been helping the less fortunate and underprivileged. Evolve MMA has a mission to change this world for the better by making a positive impact on the lives it touches. A big part of our joy stems from giving back to the community, especially to those less fortunate. Almost all of our instructors and World Champions overcame a life of hardship and poverty with very little food and shelter. Martial arts gave them confidence, tenacity, discipline, and a path to a better life. Inspired by the life of Kru Yodtong Senanan, the Evolve Community Outreach Program is a way for the Evolve Family (students, instructors, World Champions, fighters, and staff) to give back to this world. It is a pro-bono program for various orphanages, youth homes, and charities and a platform to unleash the human potential through the martial arts.