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Fighter tried to Fix UFC fight in 2015?

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fight / fighter coverage, 2017-04-19 18:52:33 , Fury post from around the web
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The Bang Kuntz fight from November 2015 is under investigation, there is suspicion Tae Hung Bang may have agreed to take a dive in the fight,
in the end however he did win a split decision. The fight was already suspicious going into the contest as Leo Kuntz was an underdog
the entire time but suddenly in an hour or two period became more than a 4 to 1 favorite.
Fury’s fight picks also noted at the time: Tae Hyun Bang just moved from a 2-1 fav to a 7-1 dog in a matter of hours. Super suspicious.
I’ve never seen an MMA line flip like that. That’s unheard of in the betting world. Something is up
Allegedly in the buildup to the fight, Bang got involved with some gangsters, who convinced him to throw the fight…they bet around
$176,000 on Kuntz. Bang, was paid about 88,000 to take the dive and then bet about half of that on on Kuntz. The last minute change
in odds caught the attention of the UFC, who began questioning Bang, he realized that he was essentially screwed either way, and then
decided to fight to win, rather than throw the fight.
From this alleged fixing attempt, an estimated $2 million was bet on the fight, but it was all a waste in the end because Kuntz lost.
Dana White is looking to have Demetrious Johnson to fight next in Seattle to try and break the title defense record there.
The WSOF is now changed to the Professional Fighters League.
There’s an all girl EBI on July 30th, this was requested by the UFC.