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If I Did It: Steps into the UFC’s Covington vs Bisping cross-fire

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fight and fighter coverage, 2018-06-13 03:05:35 ,
Welcome to If I Dit It, the show where we grapple with PR kerfluffles from the world of MMA. This week we look at the case of Jon Anik inserting himself into a feud between Michael Bisping and Colby Covington. Tonight’s highlights can be found at:

1:30 – You’re the UFC, re: Greg Hardy on the Contender Series.
9:25 – You’re Michael Bisping.
20:50 – You’re the UFC, re: Colby Covington
27:16 – Regular Feature: Kid Nate’s Heel Turn
29:12 – Regular Feature: Eugene’s Lost Battalion

Right after the show click this link to watch the MMA Puncholes talk PR kerfluffles from the wider world
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