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JDS predicts UFC 211 fight, would box Anthony Joshua, TUF 26 now not officially confirmed

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fight / fighter coverage, 2017-05-04 19:38:51 , Fury post from around the web
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Tony Ferguson says to Nate Diaz: You’re a p**sy, don’t worry about it. You don’t like to fight.
You’re in the wrong sport. Go try tennis.
I thought this was the UFC and we’re supposed to be the best and toughest fighters in the world.
Point and proven, Khabib, McGregor, and Nate Diaz are a bunch of b*tches. It’s all fake for them.
Justin Gaethje signs with the UFC: Lets C one of the “big league boys” put me to sleep. I want the scariest
lightweight possible first. This 0 has to go! Contract signed
Kelvin Gastelum wants Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night in Long Island, New York